With Learnyst, Our online revenues overtook our classroom revenues in merely 18 months. We expect to double out online business this year as well.

Rajesh Balasubramanian,
Director of 2IIM Institute

About 2IIM

2IIM coaches students for cracking CAT exam, to pursue post-graduation in reputed management institute in India. 2IIM offers the following options for a student looking to prepare for the CAT:

  • CAT Online Preparation - Courses with videos, quizzes, practice tests and slideshows.These courses are built to teach every aspect of CAT Syllabus from scratch, all the way up to CAT Level.

  • CAT Classroom Coaching - Our classroom programs, at Chennai and Bangalore are conducted with small batch sizes.

  • CAT Study Material - Our printed study material, that covers the CAT Syllabus and provides plenty of practice questions.

  • Online Mock CAT Series - 2IIM's series of Mock CATs, that mimic the CAT to give students a good idea on what to expect from the actual CAT.

2IIM is part of the Ascent Education group that was founded by K Saravana Baskar in 2001, and is currently run by Rajesh Balasubramanian. Rajesh and K. S. Baskar are alumni from the IIMs. Rajesh has scored 100 percentile in CAT 2011, CAT 2012 and CAT 2014. He likes few things more than teaching math and insists to this day that he is a better teacher than exam-taker.

Why online teaching?

We wanted better reach. Our natural strengths are better suited for online learning. Plus we were getting killed in classroom learning.


We tried 3 different vendors for our test series and 2 different vendors for the online course. Our vendors were too keen on creating a service for us and not keen enough on building a robust product.

Why Learnyst?

We had very specific vision of how 2IIM courses should be presented to students. The topic in courses should be combination of Presentation slides containing Image slides, video slides, pdf slides and quiz slides. Student should be able to use same topic in dual mode - Detailed study or quick revisions. With Learnyst we have created courses in 2IIM signature style and the courses are well appreciated by our students. Learnyst team is doing a wonderful job.

They have been a dream to work with & they are usually ahead of us in ideas for improving the quality of delivery. Learnyst is miles ahead of what the competition is doing and relentlessly improving as well.

The product they have provided us with is excellent and they have built it with enough vision to last two cycles. But more important than this is their willingness to do two key things :

  • Offer whatever assistance required for the student to crack the learning process.

  • Improving the product for the next iteration.


We were a 100% classroom company 2 years ago.

With Learnyst, our online revenues overtook our classroom revenues in merely 18 months.

It took us 7 years to build the classroom business, but merely 18 months to roll out and expand the online business.

We expect to double out online business this year as well.

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