With Learnyst, the launch time is purely a function how quickly you can get an outline for your course ready and shoot the videos, go live.

K S Baskar,
Founder, Ascent Education, 4GMAT

About 4GMAT

4GMAT is test preparation initiative that offers classroom programs for GMAT in Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. We have been assisting students crack the GMAT test since 2005 and have a fair share of our students getting a 700+ in the test. Our alumni have secured admissions from some of the best B Schools in the world including the Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, LBS and the IIMs and ISB. 4GMAT is part of the Ascent Education group that was founded by K Saravana Baskar in 2001. Baskar is an engineer from College of Engineering, Guindy, Baskar holds a PGDM degree from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM Calcutta). Started in 2001, 4GMAT is the brainchild of Baskar who combined his passion to teach with the desire to be an entrepreneur. He scored Q51 in the GMAT.

Why Online teaching?

I have witnessed the following shifts in test preparation industry over the past 2 years.

  • Students are increasingly finding it difficult to travel to a tutoring class - thanks to cramped roads and inadequate public transport infrastructure.

  • Students want to prepare at different times - not the 2 or 3 slots that a typical test prep company can offer. Students want to learn at 11 PM. Test prep companies cannot offer classes in person at that time.

  • Learning pace - a class, however accommodative it is, cannot pace itself to meet the requirements of both the quick learner and those who have difficulty with a topic. Either the class is fast or slow for some section.

  • Internet connectivity and device choices have improved significantly and are only looking northward.

Given these shifts in learning preference and technology changes, it becomes imperative to offer classes online for two reasons:

  • We can expand our reach to more students in a more meaningful way.

  • We will not lose our existing student base who like our teaching but are not available when they choose to learn at their time, place and pace.


We started with our online tests with our own content and a technology provider. That did not work too well as the service provider shut shop. We moved to a white label service provider only for the tests and are quite happy. However, because we had an experience of a service provider not delivering on the promise we were quite apprehensive of

starting an online program till our sister concern 2IIM started using Learnyst platform and scaled up successfully.

Why Learnyst?

  • Our sister company 2IIM had started offering the CAT online classes with Learnyst. In the process, we got to understand the

    robustness and adaptiveness of Learnyst technology.

    When we had 2IIM product online

    We received excellent feedback from students of 2IIM.

    There was no decision to be made on our part. The proof was already there in eating the pudding.

  • With Learnyst technology is just one part

    Learnyst team have been supporting us at all stages. Without doubt this is a very important part.

    Learnyst technology team is simply awesome. Be it reworking the test UI to make it work the way GMAT tests work or help us integrating a USD payment gateway with a failsafe fallback option.

  • Pricing - while other providers that we were evaluating priced on a per user per month basis, pricing of Learnyst was simple and transparent with scope to upscale it as the market grew.

From our experience with Learnyst platform we found, The admin interface is very intuitive and easy to use. There is very little of learning required and in the areas where we had any difficulty, Learnyst team was just a call or a slack message away.

The launch time is purely a function how quickly you can get an outline for your course ready and shoot the videos and go live.

The delivery is responsive and can be viewed well in both desktop and mobile browsers. Offering mobility to the learning process. Learnyst is a robust technology platform. It is a product in the sense it is ready for use from the word go. Learnyst has a great support team, in the sense the team is always available when you need them. Shyam has worked on Saturdays from his home to sort some issues that we faced while integrating a payment gateway.


Following are two main benefits we have achieved by going online using Learnyst

  • To provide an online study companion to our existing classroom students.

  • To offer comprehensive classes for students who are not in the cities in which we offer classes.

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