It is quite easy to launch any course with Learnyst platform. Easy navigation & good UI has certainly provided good experience to students.

Kunal Deep,
Co-Founder & CEO, Edusaksham

About Edusaksham

We are a group of professionals comprising of Technology graduates and MBA graduates who want to make quality education easily accessible to the masses at a very affordable price by using a cutting edge technology. Our team EduSaksham is extremely passionate about working hard in order to provide innovative and high quality products which in turn would simplify the ease of understanding. Kunal is Co-founder & CEO of Edusaksham. Kunal has done MBA from SHMSOM IIT Bombay and worked as Senior consultant in Deloitte Consulting.

Why Online teaching?

Saw a bigger market online and with all competitive exams moving online, it made our decision easy for going online.


Our main challenge lies with course design and working with multiple content partners. Another challenge is to reach out to relevant customers and make them aware about our offerings.

Why Learnyst?

Learnyst has proved to be a good platform for launching our courses online.

With multiple sub-admin features we could involve multiple content partners from day one.

Learnyst is a very nice platform with rich features and great UI. They have a great development team.

Learnyst provided highly professional support for even custom features that we required. Also, It is quite easy in launching any course with Learnyst platform.


Helps in cost reduction for LMS features development.

Easy navigation and good UI has certainly provided good experience to students.

We could target the market from the start without worrying on the product development and maintenance. So we could focus on getting the content right.

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