We looked at over 80 options over a span of 2 months. Learnyst was the clear winner for us, primarily because it is a world-class product which understands Indian requirements.

Vivek Subramanian,
Co-founder of Examvictor

About Examvictor

ExamVictor.com is an online test-prep site that offers the finest content and complete guidance for all major aptitude-based entrance exams. We offer guidance for all major MBA Entrance, Law Entrance (both 3 Year and 5 Year), RBI, Bank PO, UPSC CAT and SSC CGL.

Vivek is CEO and Co-Founder of ExamVictor.com. He has a B.Tech from IIT Bombay and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He has worked in investment banking and management consulting in New York before his passion for teaching brought him back to India. He was IIT-JEE AIR 62 and his CAT percentile was 99.92.

Why Online teaching?

We have experience with running a brick-and-mortar coaching center earlier. While this is fine, and is certainly the traditional model of coaching, we came up against its limitations very quickly. For us, as teachers, scaling up without compromising on quality was the biggest challenge. For students, the commutes, the fixed class hours and the limited interactions were the major pain points. We felt that all of these would be addressed by going online.


Frankly, before Learnyst every solution we tried left a LOT to be desired. All we wanted was a simple, elegant way to host our courses online. Since this was going to be a significant commitment to a single platform,

we looked at over 80 different options over the span of 2 months. Learnyst was the clear winner for us, primarily because it is a world-class product which understands Indian requirements.

There are plenty of other Indian LMS providers, but their quality and finish are strictly Web 1.0. The more polished Silicon Valley LMS providers are all too simplified for the Indian test-prep context, and integrating INR payment through them was also a headache we did not want to undertake.

Learnyst provides everything we need in a single, clean interface, and works smoothly.

In short, it fit our requirements perfectly.

Why Learnyst?

In the beginning, it felt like we weren't asking for much - after all, we were simply trying to provide online test-prep in India, for which we thought there would already be existing solutions, and it would just be a matter of picking one. As we found it, this was not the case at all. Learnyst was a revelation, because up until that point we had almost ended our search and given up hope of finding a simple solution for our LMS requirements. The three biggest factors for choosing Learnyst were:

  • Sophisticated and powerful online testing system which was tightly integrated with the course, and which supported common exams in India.

  • Support for collecting INR payments.

  • Clean class hosting system which made our shifting process very easy.

Launching courses on Learnyst is very easy. We were literally up and running in an evening!


  • Easily scalable - we now address hundreds of students from all across the country. We are no longer limited by our classroom capacity or number of centers.

  • We are able to offer access to high-quality education at a fraction of the cost to students from very remote parts of India, and the satisfaction of watching them succeed is amazing.

In summary, Learnyst is the complete solution and replacement for traditional classroom coaching.

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