Learnyst is simply superb and quite easy to use with professional customer support.

Arun Chaturvedi,
Chief Operating Officer, Mindworkzz

About Mindworkzz

Mindworkzz is one of India’s leading brands in Aptitude training and testing. Our team is led by Arun Sharma - IIM Bangalore Alumnus. He is India's most recognised and respected author and trainer for CAT. We are involved in training aspirants for the CAT over the past 2 decades and have trained over 10000 IIM Graduates. Besides we are also involved in conducting classes for CSAT, CLAT, GATE, UPSC and CRT (campus recruitment training). Our key partners include companies like McGraw Hill Education, Hungama, Airtel and Applied Mobile Labs etc.

Why Online teaching?

We felt a growing need of online courses to cater working professionals. Also the geographical constraints are removed and courses can be accessed after college and office hours.


We were looking for product with seamless flow to access course contents like tests, videos and pdf files. We had to use 3 to 4 different vendors for video distribution, mock tests, website and student management. In doing so, we did not had a reliable system to manage courses and students efficiently. Also we had to invest lots of valuable time in just managing the system.

Why Learnyst?

Learnyst is simply superb and quite easy to use with professional customer support.

It's quite convenient for both admins as well as students.One of feature that we like is adding sub-admins for efficiently managing courses, mock tests and students.

Learnyst website builder is very simple to use with no technical knowledge required. We can now change our Mindworkzz website in minutes and publish to internet.

The main three factors for choosing Learnyst are:

  • The professional behaviour of the team

  • The site look and feel

  • The pricing


We save more than 70% of time in managing our online courses.By using Learnyst we are able to focus more on helping students to crack exams better. Also Student analytics provides us visibility on how our online teaching efforts are progressing. We are totally free of system maintenance.

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