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A Comprehensive Overview of Learnyst Platform

Master the dashboard, attract learners with engaging courses, and analyze learner data for success in online teaching. Elevate your teaching game with Learnyst!

About the webinar

Key Takeaways:

Mastering the Learnyst Dashboard: Our experts will walk you through the user-friendly Learnyst dashboard, ensuring you have a solid grasp of its various features and functionalities. From setting up your account to customizing your course offerings, you'll learn how to navigate the platform seamlessly.

Publishing Courses that Attract Learners: Creating valuable and engaging courses is key to attracting and retaining learners. We'll provide valuable insights into crafting and publishing courses that captivate your target audience.

✅ Analyzing Learner Data: Data-driven decisions are at the heart of successful online teaching. Discover how Learnyst's robust analytics tools can empower you to track learner progress, assess engagement, and make informed improvements to your courses.


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Akshay Kumar
‍(Product Expert)

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