RBI Grade B Examination

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) every year conducts examination for the selection and recruitment for managerial positions through grade B examinations. And each year the number of applicants vary somewhere between 6-7lac for the Prelims examination, out of which only 1lac makes it to the Mains examination. Further only a mere 5000+ applicants are selected. So how do you prepare your learners? Obviously by giving them the best ever mock test to hone their skillsets before the main exam.

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RBI Grade B 2017 Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern for RBI Grade B


# Subject Questions marks Duration
1 General Awareness Paper 80 80 120 Minutes
2 Quantitative Aptitude Paper 30 30
3 Reasoning Ability Paper 60 60
4 English Language Paper 30 30
Total 100 100 120 Minutes


# Subject marks Duration
1 Economic and Social Issue 100 90 Minutes
2 English Language 100 90 Minutes
3 Finance and Management 100 90 Minutes
Total 300 270 Minutes

Challenges of Conducting RBI Grade B Mock Test Online

There are many challenges teachers face when they try to conduct online exams for the first time. The challenges can be divided into three parts

create mock test content

Content creation & maintenance

With “1 out of every 100” success rate of RBI Grade B aspirants, it is not hard to comprehend the enormous pressure a learner goes through before the exam. And it would be a lie, if we say teachers don’t feel it. Because, they are the one who conduct mock tests, create awesome study material and what not. But as a teacher you have to manage your online school single handedly. And also you have to create the mock tests and study materials that will help your learners to really be “1 out of 100”. Now, that makes life hard and challenging. And add the ever changing exam patterns of RBI Grade B. It is really not desired of a teacher that s/he will not keep up with the changing time. So the first challenge that a teacher faces is creating a high quality content and maintain that so that learners can reap the maximum benefit out of it.

manage your learners

Managing content & Learners

Once the content is ready, you need to provide option for Learners to access and attempt mock tests. Also your online quiz engine should be updated, maintained for changing exam formats, provide learner performance analytics and a way for charging for your service. Specifically, following challenges are most prominent among RBI Grade B test prep institutes,

market mock-tests

Marketing content

When you first move online to conduct mock tests for a RBI Grade B exams, the content/mock test marketing challenges creates the gap between total number of RBI Grade B aspirants and teachers who coach for the same. A collection of all these marketing challenges, are discussed below.

Conducting RBI Grade B Mock Test On Learnyst

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All Question Types

market mock-tests

Test Analytics

market mock-tests


When you are with Learnyst, it is easy to create mock tests of your choice. Because Learnyst takes away two of the main challenges. Learnyst takes care of your technological need, content and online learner management etc. So all you have to do is create the most effective content and prepare questionnaire for mock test. Only thing you have to do is select the name of the mock test from our drop down list. Or upload your content in word or excel format, and voila! You are ready to conduct your mock test.

Yes!! conducting mock tests on Learnyst is really that easy!!

Now wasn’t that easy? Do you want to try it out yourself? Why Not! Just click on the button below and create a perfect RBI Grade B mock test for your learners.

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Mock Test Specific Features on Learnyst

your branded apps apps

Branded Solution

See your offline brand coming to life on your online test prep institute. Yes, with Learnyst you will get 100% white labeled solution for your offline brands.

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Mobile App

Not just website, launch your branded mobile apps for your test prep institution. Keep your learners busy on the go. Engage your learners more, to generate more revenue.

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Performance Analytics

You can provide your learners with a detailed performance analytics to help them assess their performance in real time. It helps your learner in all round performance improvement.

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Payment Gateway Integration

Not just website, launch your branded mobile apps for your test prep institution. Keep your learners busy on the go. Engage your learners more, to generate more revenue.

your branded apps apps

Test Template

Test template helps you in quickly creating a mock test. You can create a mock test and upload that as word file or excel file. Isn’t that awesomely easy way to conduct a mock test?

More Features to get More Learners

Learnyst helps you with your online content marketing tools and features to maximize your reach to nationwide learnerbase. It’s not just test template, or student analytics that you get when you sign up on Learnyst. There are plenty other feature that you can use as combination to your mock tests, to make them super awesome.

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Push Messaging

Send a quick message to your learners just at a tap of a button. And track the performance of your messages. Push notification is verified way of retaining the learners.

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Result Grading

With result grading you can send quick messages to your test takers. Segregate them based on marks and send custom messages. This is a great tool for learner retention, as you can use this as marketing tool as well.

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Test Retaking

Running short of time for creating plenty of mock tests? You can enable test retake for your learners and they can take same tests more than one time. Isn’t it a good way to save some time and help your learners

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Search Engine Optimization

The pages of your online teaching website are already optimized for search engine ranking and faster page load speed. In built SEO tool helps you score better in search engine optimization and reaching to higher number of people.

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