Anti Piracy Pack

Prevent login sharing and stop screen recording. Set login limits, OTP mandates, monitor learner login devices and use digital watermarks with the anti piracy pack.



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*If you exceed your plan limit, we will move you to the next higher plan and charge you in your next monthly billing cycle.



One learner login is shared and used by 4 to 5 learners on average. These learners can access your paid contents for free and massively dent your profits. Learner verification limits the login sharing behaviour among learners by upto 80%. Here’s how.

First, you can set a monthly limit on how many times each learner can log in.When this limit is reached, learners can only login by entering a unique OTP sent to their registered mobile number. This additional OTP makes login sharing hard. 

Second, you can monitor the learners sorted by number of logins in a month. You can view device Ip’s a learner uses to login. So, if there are frequent logins from multiple devices, you can warn or block such learners from accessing your contents. 

Third, you can digitally watermark your contents with the registered learner email, phone number and also add your own custom warning text.

 Now, learners won’t screen record or share your contents for the fear of getting their identities revealed. 

Use the anti piracy packs to prevent login sharing between learners and scale up your profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in Anti Piracy Pack?
With the anti piracy pack, you get tools to restrict login sharing between students and also prevent screen captures.
How can I purchase this add-on? 
Login to your account, go to the admin dashboard and inside the Add-ons tab, you can find the Anti Piracy Pack, continue to click on it and Subscribe to the add on.
How am I charged for this add-on? 
Once you activate the add-on, you will be charged over a period of one month on your monthly billing date.
Note that, anti piracy pack is free upto 100 active learners per month.
1000 Active Learners - Rs. 1000/mo • 5000 Active Learners - Rs. 2500/mo • 10,000 Active Learners - Rs. 4000/mo
How will I be charged if I exceed the limit? What is the fair billing policy?
You will be charged based on a fair billing policy in case you exceed the limit. You will only have to pay the lowest price according to your usage/plan.

Here is an example. Let’s say you purchased an add-on for 1000 learners @2500rs. (1 learner=2.5 Rs)Assume you had 1500 learners. Here, we won’t charge you the higher add-on plan, priced at 8000 Rs. We will charge you the lower price of 3,750 Rs based on the price of individual learners. 

Now, assume you had 4000 learners instead. Here, we won’t charge you based on individual learners as the cost comes to 10,000 Rs. So, instead we will charge you based on the higher add-on plan, priced at 8000 Rs. In essence, we will charge a lower price for your addon.
Can I cancel my add-on any time?
Yes, you can Unsubscribe to the add-on anytime. You can go to the particular add-on in your admin dashboard, go to Plan & Usage & click on Unsubscribe.

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