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Navigate Your Revenue Stream with In-depth Analysis

Dive into a clear view of how your courses are performing financially with just a few clicks. Our Revenue Analytics lets you see how your earnings evolve over time and across different courses, pinpointing your top sellers effortlessly.

Track Your Revenue Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Understand which Courses are the Money-Makers

Identify the Courses that Capture the Most Attention

Refer & Earn

Delve Deeper into Learner Engagement to Grow

Get closer to understanding your students through precise metrics. View their engagement levels across different days, and courses. Transforming great insights into actionable plans.

Discover Student Engagement Over Time

Measure Course Impact on Students

Identify When Students are Most Engaged

Unveil Key Performance Indicators for your Education Business Strategies

Shed light on revenue streams and learner engagement to pave the way for reshaping strategies. Align with what your students seek and make your online teaching journey both rewarding and deeply impactful.

Discover when Engagement Peaks

Track the Transition from Lead to Learner

Highlight popular courses by revenue and interaction

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Other Features

Coupons codes
Create time bound coupon codes to offer discounts. Run effective campaigns with coupon codes and increase your course sales.
SEO Optimized Pages
All pages are SEO optimized with device responsiveness.
Zoom Integrations
Conduct live classes by integrating with Zoom.
Reviews & Testimonials
Collect reviews from your students & increase your sales.
Third Party Tools Integration
Integrate your online academy with various tools like Facebook, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager etc
Embed your courses or test in other pages and grow traffic to your online academy

Learn to Market Your Courses Online

Reach your target students, build a strong sales funnel and earn millions in course sales.
Learn to Market Your Courses Online

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