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Build and Sell Courses on Your Customized Online Academy

Unleash the full power of our top-tier, No-Code Website Builder tailored for educators. With easy drag-and-drop mechanics, creating a compelling online academy. Let your brand shine and courses sell effortlessly, all under an umbrella of seamless user experience.

Custom Branding

Accessible over all devices

SEO-Driven Visibility

Reach students easily & build your sales funnelReach students easily & build your sales funnel

Extend Your Reach with Custom Branded Mobile Applications

Offer your learners the liberty to access your courses anytime, anywhere, ensuring a continuous learning journey. Transition from desktop to mobile in a breeze, with no dependency on developers. Enrich the learner experience whilst securing your content, making education both accessible and protected.

Hassle Free App Creation

Secure Access to Content Offline

Performance optimized Native Apps

Interact With Your Students With Live Classes
Interact With Your Students With Live Classes
Interact With Your Students With Live Classes

Streamline Your Earnings with Integrated Payment Solutions

Facilitate a smooth financial journey in your online teaching venture. From local to global, effortlessly handle transactions through a variety of secure payment options. Eliminate payment hassles to concentrate solely on delivering quality education.

Accept Uninterrupted Transactions

Ready to Accept International Payment

Hassle-Free Payment Configurations

a man in a suit and tie standing with his arms crossed
a man in a suit and tie standing with his arms crossed

Unlock a Space of Earning and Engagement Opportunities

Cater to diverse learning preferences by offering a variety of content formats and maintain a steady learner engagement with structured content dripping. Reward achievements with automated certificates, and optimize your revenue streams with tailored sales models.

Diverse Formats like PDFs, PPTs, and HTML articles

Automated Certificate Distribution

Tailored offerings with course bundles and subscriptions

a man in a suit and tie standing with his arms crossed

Elevate Learning and Revenue with Engaging Assessments

Offer attractive quizzes and assessments that not only enriches the learning objectives but also unveils a new revenue stream for your academy. With structured test series and realistic timed tests, provide a conducive environment for productive exam preparation.

Structured Test Series

Offer a real-exam scenario with timed tests

Save time with easy question imports

a man in a suit and tie standing with his arms crossed
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OTP Login

Guard Against Unauthorized Access

Increase the security of your online teaching business by mandating OTP verification for students at the time of login. Our system makes sharing passwords nearly impossible so that you don't miss out on your potential revenue.

Make Content Theft Next To Impossible 

Keep your course content safe from unauthorized sharing with our screen capture restriction feature. On mobile devices, we use hardware constraints to disable screen recording. While on desktops and laptops, we use Hardware level DRM encryption to restrict screen recording. on native browsers like Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Chrome.
Watch Time RestrictionWatch Time RestrictionWatch Time Restriction

Ensure Fair Access To Your Students

Limit login sharing among students with watch time restriction for courses. The likelihood of credential sharing reduces as each student's watch time is limited. Elevate your course revenue with Learnyst's watch time restriction.

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Other Security Features

Content & Data Ownership
You own your student data. We assure you 100% data security.
Parallel Login Restriction
Restrict simultaneous login from two or more devices.
Dynamic watermarking
Display verified phone number and email id of students as watermark while course is getting played. This will prevent screen recording.
Daily Data Backup
Your Data are backed up daily & stored in amazon S3 Cloud
Single Device Restriction
Restrict students to access your app on only one mobile device
IP Address Tracking
Track IP address of students to know if they are sharing their login credentials on web

We Keep Your Privacy Intact

You focus on delighting your students, we will ensure that your privacy is intact. We take data integrity and security very seriously. Over 2000+ customers across the globe trust us with their data security.
Learn how secure is your data with us