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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to enter my credit/debit card details to sign up?
No. You can sign up without entering your credit/debit card details and use Learnyst for up to 14 days. At the end of your trial or when you decide to launch your online institute, you will need to enter your credit/debit card details.
What features are offered during the trial period of 14 days?
For the 14 days free trial period you get access to all features available in the PROFESSIONAL plan.
What will happen if I change my current plan?
If you upgrade to a higher plan, all new features will be available immediately. You will keep your current billing cycle and we will charge you proportionately for the new plan and deduct the already paid amount proportionately as well.
Can I subscribe to plans lower than professional plan after the trial ends?
Yes. You can subscribe to any plan of your choice after the trial ends. The features will be automatically reset as per the plan you choose.

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