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Grow your online education business revenue by more than 30%.
Learnyst simplifies your lead generation, nurtures students,
and qualifies the best ones to sell your online courses.

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Capture student data with Custom Landing Pages

Unleash the power of our ready-made templates inspired from real use cases for educators.

Page types include - Previous year question papers (PYQPS), webinar registration, free course and much more. The core elements are all there, just change the text and your pages are good to go.

Automatically Nurture your Most Qualified Students

Now automate communication based on student activity. Reach out to students who are most qualified to buy, at the right time.

Recommend a paid course or a mock test based on student activity. Customize what happens when a student enrolls in a paid course, when student abandons checkout and so much more.

Perfect your Student Qualification for a faster business growth

Your Sales reps can now call students who are highly engaged with your content. Get a complete overview of students activities with our advanced learning analytics.

Free Audit + Guidance

Fill in the details and get a free audit on your current lead generation funnel. We'll also guide you on how to increase your course sales by 30%.

Our Customers are loving it!
So will you.

I was skeptical at first, wondering how much Learnyst could really change our lead qualification game. But wow, was I surprised! Switching to Learnyst's unified platform not only made our processes smoother but led to a stunning 30% increase in our revenue. It's like we were in the dark before and Learnyst turned on the lights. A real game-changer!
Rajesh B
Founder - Director, 2IIM
The cost of juggling multiple tools for lead generation and nurturing was always painful and inefficient. Switching to Learnyst, I was amazed by the simplicity and how much money we saved. It was an eye-opener, better results at 65% less cost.
Sarthak Garg
Chief Marketing Officer, SOIC
When we integrated Learnyst Learning Analytics, I hoped for improvement but didn't expect miracles. I was surprised when our sales opportunities skyrocketed by 43%! It felt like Learnyst had given us a secret key to unlocking qualified students. The hub has allowed us to target students more effectively than ever. Truly, a game changer!
KS Bhaskar
Founder, Wizako

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