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Increase your profits with 0% revenue share. Secure your course content similar to Netflix with DRM encryption

Everything you need to succeed as a creator

Goodbye, revenue sharing

Graphy's pricing model charges a hefty 10% on your course sales revenue. As your revenue grows online education businesses end up paying a lot.
We understand the value of every penny and you shouldn't have to pay more than necessary. With Learnyst, you keep 100% profits to yourself and achieve your goals without breaking the bank.
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Feature Comparison

Core Features

Revenue Sharing
0% Revenue Share
10% Revenue Share
100% Content & Data Ownership
Content Security
DRM Encryption
Customer Support

Course Features

Article Lesson
Notes & Bookmarks
Fast Checkout

Quiz Features

Mock Test Templates
All competitive exams
Quiz Randomisation
Answer Shuffle
Quiz Section Duration

Marketing Features

Payment Gateway Integrations
Only Razorpay & Graphy
Website Builder
256+ Templates
25 Templates

Learner Management Features

Custom Fields
Sub Schools

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How Educators thrive with Learnyst

41 K+
Courses Sold
Revenue Earned
15 M+
Students enrolled
149 K+
Hours of video content hosted

Goodbye, revenue sharing. Hello max(imized potential) earning

At Learnyst, we realize that every penny counts. So why pay more? With Learnyst, you'll never have to worry about sharing your revenue again.

Whereas Graphy, takes a whopping 10% of your course sales, we believe in keeping more money in your pocket. With Learnyst you get to keep more of your hard-earned money where it belongs with you.
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Website Builder

Secure your Student Database from every angle

While selecting Graphy LMS it is essential to review all aspects of their business. Graphy LMS is owned by Unacademy. It’s worth noting that Unacademy also sells online courses itself.
Customer data is our top priority and we ensure that it remains secure and confidential. You can be confident that your data stays safe online. Result - more time to grow your business.

It's never a lonely journey with Learnyst

When it comes to customer support, it's worth noting that Graphy LMS only offers email as a contact option. While they do offer a knowledge base to help answer common questions. Lack of phone or chat support may be a concern for users who need immediate assistance.
Our team of empathetic, and patient individuals by your side. In addition, we also provide support your students. Learnyst is ready to connect with you through live chat, email, or a helpline number. You just have to start a conversation, and we will already have someone listening and taking action typically in under 60 min.

Migration will be a breeze

Moving out from Graphy demands a great deal of effort. There's no straightforward way to export your data from their platform. That is why it is crucial to consider your long-term goals while choosing an LMS platform.
Not that you’d want to, but just in case in the future you decide to migrate. At Learnyst we understand your data is important for your business, and we’ll share it with you, no ifs or buts. We want the best for you even if it’s not with us, so we ensure that you get a seamless migration experience. 

Why Educators Choose serious us as their
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Our LMS site has got you covered

Content & Data Ownership
You own your student data & content data. We assure you 100% content security. You can backup your courses and student data anytime.
Super Fast Video Streaming
Students can access course contents & play videos seamlessly with moderate internet connection.
Website Builder
Select from 120+ templates & edit your site to suit your brand
Sell courses as subscription to your students. Create multiple subscription plans
Live Classes
Conduct unlimited live classes by integrating with  Zoom
Student Community
Launch public & private forums to interact with your learners

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