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Learnyst helps Xylem achieve 255 crores in revenue in just 38 months 

Xylem was able to create and scale their online education business, reaching over 254,000 learners and generating 255 crores in revenue in just 38 months. Learnyst’s features, support and marketing tools helped Xylem achieve amazing results in terms of signups, orders, active learners and retention.

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In a period of three years they were able to increase

In average monthly signups
In number of orders
In Total Signups
In active learners
400+ Cr
Total revenue earned by our customers till date

About the Company:

Xylem is a leading coaching institute in India that specializes in NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) preparation. Led by Dr. Ananthu S Kumar, Xylem has helped countless students achieve success in their NEET and JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) exams.

The institute's dedicated teachers provide excellent guidance and support to students, helping them become confident and competent individuals in their chosen fields. Xylem has become a trusted name in NEET coaching by consistently delivering high-quality education and comprehensive guidance.

The institute has gained recognition and the trust of students and parents alike. As a result Xylem has captured a significant share of the growing NEET coaching market in India. Driven by visionary leadership and the dedication of its educators, Xylem continues to be at the forefront of the education revolution.

In this case study, we delve deep into Xylem's remarkable journey, exploring its growth trajectory, strategies, and the factors that have contributed to its unprecedented success. Join us as we embark on a comprehensive exploration of how Learnyst helped Xylem carve their success story.

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India's Education Sector

Education is one of the top five fastest-growing commodities in terms of private consumer expenditure in India. However, the mainstream education system in India faces several challenges, including poor infrastructure, a shortage of trained teachers, and outdated curriculums.

As a result, regular school education is often insufficient for preparing students for highly competitive entrance examinations.In July, the Indian government announced its New Education Policy (NEP) to address these issues and overhaul the education system.

However, implementing the NEP will be a long-term process. In the meantime, students are turning to coaching institutes to bridge the gap between classroom learning and entrance exam preparation.

The Online Mode of Education in Partnership with Learnyst

Interestingly, the incorporation of regional languages by ed-tech startups has further fuelled this upward trend.In a recent survey conducted by Grade-up, an educational technology platform, a whopping 90 percent of students expressed a preference for online learning over attending physical classes for entrance exams. 

Enter Xylem, a game-changer in the education space, whose strategic partnership with Learnyst brought about a revolutionary hybrid mode of learning just as the world began to recover from the grips of COVID-19. While Xylem focused on enhancing the quality of their educational content, managing the offline component of their hybrid operations, and crafting engaging vernacular materials, Learnyst provided the perfect digital platform. 

Armed with a formidable team of experienced educators, a substantial YouTube subscriber base, and an innovative hybrid model, Xylem set their sights on the next phase of their mission. Xylem faced challenges with a lacklustre website and a backend that struggled to keep up with their ever-expanding student base.

Thankfully, Learnyst rode to the rescue, fortifying Xylem's growth with its robust online infrastructure, top-notch DRM-grade security, and user-friendly website and apps. Learnyst's unwavering support, Xylem blossomed from a modest 100 learners in May 2020 to an astounding 254,000 learners in just 3 years!

Amidst the ongoing battle with the notorious Covid-19 pandemic, while traditional educational institutions remain shuttered, the world of entrance exam coaching continues to thrive in the digital realm. Thanks to the rapid growth of internet infrastructure fuelled by smartphones and affordable data plans, online coaching is set to flourish.

That is an astounding 2540x growth.

Learnyst helped Xylem achieve and maintain an average learner volume of 6684 signups a month which was 66x more than what they had started with.This fruitful collaboration propelled Xylem to achieve remarkable success in the state of Kerala, catapulting them into the limelight.
Their hybrid model, which seamlessly blended online and offline learning experiences, became a beacon of trust for students seeking a comprehensive education. This trust was solidified by the awe-inspiring statistic that over 1.7 million tests were fearlessly attempted, proving that Xylem's approach not only empowered learners but also instilled the confidence needed to conquer any academic challenge.

In the year 2022, Xylem achieved a remarkable milestone by securing over 500 MBBS selections, an outstanding feat considering it was only their second year of operation.

How Learnyst Supports Xylem with it's Marketing

In the realm of marketing, Xylem has harnessed the power of over 30 captivating YouTube channels, drawing in an impressive viewer base of close to 3 million enthusiastic students. From the hallowed period of May 2020 to June 2023, Xylem orchestrated a symphony of marketing endeavours, masterfully conducted through Learnyst.

Their efforts resulted in the dispatch of over 3,500 meticulously crafted emails and the transmission of a staggering 16.3 million push notifications. These ingenious tactics bore fruit, with Xylem garnering an average of 7,000 monthly signups, ultimately accumulating a colossal total of over 254,000 individuals ready to embark on their educational journey.

Business Model and Latest Partnership

At the heart of Xylem's operations lies its steadfast commitment to the test prep segment, diligently preparing students for the highly competitive NEET and JEE exams. Their reach is truly remarkable, with over 3 million students benefiting from their free NEET/JEE classes on YouTube.

But that's not all – Xylem boasts a staggering number of paid students as well, with over 1 lakh individuals enrolled in their diverse online courses. To further enhance their impact, they have also established 30,000 students in their hybrid centres, strategically situated across five prime districts of Kerala.

In an exciting turn of events, Xylem Learning has formed a strategic partnership with Physics Wallah (PW), an esteemed ed-tech company hailing from Kerala. This visionary collaboration aims to fortify PW's presence in the vibrant southern market, providing students in South India with an unparalleled learning experience.

Expanding their horizons, they are setting their sights on Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and other flourishing southern markets. Moreover, their ambitions transcend test prep as they venture into commerce and Kerala PSC test preparation, with ambitious plans to further diversify their educational offerings.

As Xylem and PW join forces, their shared vision and unwavering dedication to students' educational journey promise to revolutionise the landscape of learning in South India. Together, they embark on an inspiring mission to empower and transform the lives of countless aspiring individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of education.

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