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Enroll in our Content Marketing Masterclass and acquire the knowledge to captivate, enhance, and attract your initial stream of students. Unveil the strategies that drive triumphant student recruitment through impactful content tactics.

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What you will Learn?

Understanding the Power of Content Marketing: Learn the fundamental concepts of content marketing and why it's crucial for attracting and retaining students.

Target Audience Identification: Identify your target audience for educational programs, and tailor your content accordingly.

Leverage Social Media: Explore effective social media strategies to promote your educational content and engage a broader audience.

Build Trust and Credibility: Establish trust and credibility through your content, a cornerstone for attracting new students.

Prospects into Enrollment: Discover strategies for converting interested prospects into enthusiastic students with compelling calls to action.

Tools and Resources: Access valuable resources and tools to streamline your content creation and marketing efforts.

Craft a Winning Content Strategy: Develop a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with your educational goals and student expectations.

Limited Seats available
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Marketing Emails & NotificationsMarketing Emails & Notifications

Motivate Learners To Build A Great Profile

Each learners can view stats like how many communities they joined, post created, total likes & build their own brand.

Webinar Speakers

Deepak Garg

Co Founder, EduTap Learning Solutions

Deepak Garg is a multifaceted entrepreneur and educator, co-founder of EduTap Learning Solutions, an ed-tech startup revolutionizing online courses and mentorship for competitive exam preparation. He graduated from Thapar University in 2010 as a mechanical engineer and gained corporate experience as an assistant manager at Maruti Suzuki for 1.5 years. However, his passion for civil services led him on a rigorous six-year preparation journey.

Despite life's twists, his unwavering dedication to education shone through as he taught and mentored over 4000 civil services aspirants for two years before founding EduTap in 2016.

Today, Deepak leads the marketing and student support teams, leveraging his expertise in inbound marketing, and has established EduTap as a trusted brand in regulatory bodies and civil services exam preparation. His expertise and commitment to education are showcased through his innovative approach to inbound marketing. He excels at connecting with students and empowering them to reach their academic goals.
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