Maximize Your Social Media Reach by 40% in just 2 weeks.

Join our free bootcamp and elevate your Instagram and YouTube presence with expert guidance from Hitesh Choudhary.

Hitesh will be live on 9th June
Sunday 11:00 am

Each week, Hitesh Choudhary will host a virtual 90-minute session and guide you through actionable strategies that you can apply to your social media strategy.

Highlights from our Previous Sessions

What you can expect?

Week 1: Short-Form Content Mastery

In the first week, you'll dive into the world of Instagram reels.

Hitesh will host a virtual 90-minute session, including a Q&A, and guide you through practical assignments that you can apply to your social media strategy.

Key Takeaways

✅ Creator Thought Process:
Learn how to develop a strategic mindset for content creation.

Edutainment vs Education: Understand the balance between entertaining and educating your audience.

Narrow Audience Service: Discover the benefits of targeting a specific niche audience.

Week 2: Long-Form Content Excellence

Focus will be on YouTube to develop one high-quality video per day. Hitesh will provide guidance and support to help you master the nuances of long-form content.

Key Takeaways

✅ Views vs Impact:
Focus on creating impactful content rather than just chasing views.

Shorts vs Longs: Master the art of balancing short-form and long-form content.

Assume Nothing: Adopt a data-driven approach and avoid assumptions about your audience.

Meet your Host

Hitesh Choudhary

Hitesh Choudhary is a renowned content creator, educator, and technology expert with a passion for teaching and empowering others.

With over a decade of experience, Hitesh has made a significant impact in the edtech space, particularly through his YouTube channels and various online platforms.


Hitesh Choudhary wondering
Who all can join this program?

This is for

1) Creators

2) Educators

3) Trainers

4) Coaches

5) Entrepreneurs

6) Speakers

7) Consultants

I can't attend the webinar at the scheduled time? Can I view the webinar at a later time?

Yes, we'll record the webinar. Just make sure to fill the form and we will share it with you after the webinar is over.

What time zone is "IST"?

"IST" stands for Indian Standard Time. We are located in Bangalore India (GMT +05:30).

How do I log in to the webinar?

You will receive the link for joining via email and WhatsApp 15 minutes before the webinar.  If you're joining from mobile make sure you have the Zoom app installed before hand. If you're joining from pc you can click "Join from browser and join directly.  

Do I need to mute myself on the webinar?

No - we'll take care of that for you. As an attendee, you are muted automatically.